Natalia was born in Cantabria, Spain. She studied Jewellery Design in Madrid in the 90s. Since then, jewellery and design have been an essential part of her life. She has worked in the workshops of other designers in Madrid, London and Barcelona, increasing her knowledge.

Natalia’s designs are based around stylish but delicate lines with a great attention to detail. She strives for timeless collections with jewellery that is both versatile and original. She looks for a balance between modernity and classicism. Silver is her main material, which she combines with stones and other materials.

All Natalia’s jewellery is made by hand using traditional techniques with lots of love and care and a philosophy that emphasizes timelessness. She takes her time on each collection, nurturing the details and the materials.

The designer is inspired by a sense of wonder about the shapes, textures and materials that attract her attention. She is also inspired by beautiful places, nature, are and architecture.

Natalia’s designs will evolve over time as she gains more experience and knowledge. She hopes that her designs transmit emotions and stories that will live on.